InMotion Portable Blender

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  • checkbox icon Easy and fast cleaning
  • checkbox icon Up to 15 uses on a single battery charge
  • checkbox icon Durable and drop resistant
  • checkbox icon Unique and patented design

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The Portable Smoothie Maker That Will Change The Way You Blend Forever

  • PORTABLE - Lightweight and durably constructed. Stash it and blend on the go!
  • POWERFUL - Big blender performance, compact size. Blends frozen fruits, crushed ice and leafy greens in 30 seconds flat.
  • SILENT BLADE - Bullet speed blending without jet-engine sound. Perfect for late-night study sessions or early-morning rises.
  • SELF CLEANING - Just add water, soap & blend. Rinse & you’re ready to go!
  • WIRELESS CHARGING - Water resistant wireless charging. Up to 15 blends on a single charge.
  • BPA-FREE - Made with BPA free plastic, designed to help you live well.

Blend your smoothies everywhere

Meet the coolest blender you have seen. Blend vitamin rich smoothies everywhere with InMotion Blender!

Fitness and Sports

Use InMotion Blender to mix-up your protein shakes. You will get result like no shaker can achieve. Powder is fully dissolved in 30 seconds. Texture is creamy and smooth - just from protein shake alone. You can add some fruit or berries for more nutrients or flavour.

Everyday use

Use it in a car, beach or at work. Possibilities are limitless. InMotion Blender is powerful, portable and very easy to clean. Perfect for everyday use.

Fitness InMotion Blender
Outdoors InMotion Blender

Adventure and Outdoors

Use it in a picnic, while hiking, sailing or just about anywhere. Products can easily spoil if you prepare them before adventure. Now you can bring a fruit and water with you and create smoothie on the go. Tip: pick some berries along the way for extra nutrients and vitamins.

Whats in the package?
  • InMotion Blender bottle
  • Wireless charger
  • Blender unit
  • Instructions
What can I blend?
Pretty much anything. Even frozen fruit, nuts and ice.
How to use InMotion Blender?
  • Flip InMotion Blender bottle upside down
  • Remove motor part
  • Fill bottle with desired ingredients
  • Fill 2/3 of a bottle with liquid
  • Put the motor part back on
  • Double tap the blend button
  • Enjoy
How do I clean my InMotion Blender?
The InMotion Blender has a lid and base that unscrews, so it very easy to clean. The base is waterproof, but do not submerge in water or soak the blender base as this can cause damage. You can blend dish soap and water to clean, and then just rinse.
Can I use hot liquids in the InMotion Blender?
No hot liquids should be used in the InMotion Blender. Ice teas, ice chocolates, ice coffee and ice chai are all great substitutes though. Let the tea and coffee cool before adding to the InMotion Blender.
Where are you based? Where do you ship from?
We're based in Latvia, that's a small country in Northern Europe. All InMotion Blender orders ship directly from our headquarters.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
We ship most international orders via DHL and FedEx. Average delivery time is 6-9 business days, but could take longer depending on your country's customs process. This is outside of the control of InMotion Blender and the shipping carrier. With DHL, once your order arrives in your country, it is transferred to your local postal carrier for final delivery, and DHL tracking may stop updating. If it's been more than 5 weeks, contact us and we will help track down your order. Please note that certain countries may apply tariffs after the package is accepted. We recommend checking with your local post office to find out if that applies to you as InMotion Blender does not cover customs fees, import duties, taxes or other charges.
Whats your return and refund policy?
Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are 100% satisfied. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of the order date for a full refund. To initiate your return, please email us at
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  1. rating-grey rating-gold 100%
    Amazing product
    Came in perfect condition and neatly packed. Tested it out. Works amazingly so far. Charger works fine. No issues there. But most importantly the blender itself is not very loud! Didn't expect that! Overall amazing product. looks pleasing and works perfectly!

    review image
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  2. rating-grey rating-gold 100%
    Cool gadget
    Cool gadget, very beautiful and all as in the photo! I was pleased! Works well, charges quickly!

    review image
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  3. rating-grey rating-gold 100%
    Very cute blender
    Very cute. it blends fruits really well and is quick.

    review image
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  4. rating-grey rating-gold 100%
    Very good product
    Very good product, carries very fast and with a charge can make a reasonable amount of beats. Use to make shake, it put 30g Whey, 30g oat, two bananas medium and about 150ml milk and very fast, easy washing.

    review image
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  5. rating-grey rating-gold 80%
    Pretty comfortable
    Very good pretty comfortable and I arrive very fast

    review image
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  6. rating-grey rating-gold 100%
    I love it
    I love it. Packaging, finishes, details sincerely looks like a premium product. It works perfectly and is very practical. Highly recommended.

    review image
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  7. rating-grey rating-gold 100%
    Is so perfect! Loved!
    Is so perfect! Loved! I even put frozen strawberry and hit all in 30 seconds now to make my smoothies morning and is super practical to wash not need rub only with water is clean!

    review image
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  8. rating-grey rating-gold 100%
    Wireless, convenient
    I'm shocked by this blender, wireless, convenient to take on study, works wonderful! At first I did not understand how to use it, you need to put the blender on charging, there will be an indicator on the charge that will light white when the blender is charged In general, I recommend to everyone!!

    review image
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  9. rating-grey rating-gold 100%
    Best Wireless Road blender!!!
    Best Wireless Road blender!!! Charges quickly and the charge holds for a long time, it is very convenient to wash, it is excellent, powerful. Turns on after double-pressing (if someone suddenly decides that does not work) I recommend!

    review image
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  10. rating-grey rating-gold 100%
    Convenient, high-quality blender
    Convenient, high-quality blender.

    review image
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  11. rating-grey rating-gold 100%
    Who doesn't like convenience? If you are an on the go person this is for you. This has made my drinks much easier to mix and the convenience and portability makes this mixer awesome....

    review image
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